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The world’s first website is still running

You would possibly also be amazed to discover the world’s first internet site visited nowadays. The internet site is 30 years old. This internet site is the handiest evidence of in which the net has reached nowadays.

Because in nowadays’s world, apps like Tiktak, Facebook, YouTube are focusing at the world. It became created 30 years in the past nowadays with the aid of using the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Which became run on the subsequent laptop advanced in 1998. The laptop became worth हजार 6,500 on the time. The fee of which has reached 14 thousand hundred US bucks nowadays.

The world’s first website is still running
The world’s first website is still running

The internet site became named The World Wide Web Project. The reason of making this net web page became to mark the start of the net we’re speaking approximately nowadays.

The net became created with the aid of using Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Which went stay on August 6, 1991. Berners-Lee is a famous British laptop scientist. He is likewise called the inventor of the net. He proposed the net’s middle control gadget in 1989.

In November of that year, he effectively examined HTTP Communications. The first internet site went public 3 years later. Only a handful of human beings presently have get admission to to this internet site.

The internet site continues to be in operation. It carries records approximately the traits withinside the preliminary section of the project. At the start of the internet site is records approximately what’s the World Wide Web (3DW).

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