Anarchy Will Arise if Lockdown is Extended


Many diseases had come in the past, yet we were going on with our daily activities. HIV came, it didn’t stop us. But now they are forcing people to stay at home without food and money because of Corona virus. The lockdown didn’t reduce the spread of corona virus as cases kept increasing. At first people abide to Government’s order by using face mask and hand sanitizer, but the people realized that the government is taking them for a fool. If the rumour am hearing from the government is true, they should should be ready for war if lockdown is extended because Nigerians are losing patience. The fact that you are a government official and has enough food at home doesn’t mean others work for government. People who are into private business are already going bankrupt. As for me, I don’t only feed myself during this lockdown but am extending a helping hand to people. I don’t work for government, and my business is no longer functioning due to the lockdown, yet am consuming food like a tiger everyday. I am gradually going bankrupt, and I rather die than to be broke and experience hardship. People will protest if the lockdown is not lifted. Only those whose time has come will die of corona virus if truly the virus exist in Nigeria.

If lockdown is extended, the following will happen

👉 Nigeria will go into a state of anarchy. The government will lose control of the country because people will be forced to do what they like. Corona Virus kept people at home, but Hunger Virus is driving them out. The only alternative is war. Nigeria will be at peace if they lift the lockdown as Ghana did. This country is underdeveloped, yet we want to imitate foreign countries. We should learn to cut our cloth according to our size.

👉 Some Academic scholars will turn to armed robbers if lockdown is not lifted because HUNGER VIRUS is more powerful than CORONA VIRUS.

👉 Law enforcement agents will become the people’s enemies if they try to enforce lockdown on the struggling masses. Don’t be surprised if people start killing soldiers and police as they try to force the masses to stay at home.


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